Monday, June 13, 2011

Skully Babies

Janine Sartor submitted these hand painted "Skully Babies". She explains the process of making them, "After many coats of acrylic paint, it's seal with an acrylic clear sealant."

I remember Kewpie dolls as a child. I liked their cute details and waddling stance. This recreation featuring a painted skeleton makes me think of lost dolls coming back to haunt me. You know, the one you left in the back yard that lost it's hair, got nibbled on by your dog, was covered in a film of mud and was missing an eye? Ok, maybe that was just mine. I like the details of the skeletons accented by the cute style molding of the bodies. Acrylic doesn't easily stick to plastic, so this definitely took a long time to do. I could see these accompanying other dolls on a shelf...and being the creepiest of course.