Monday, June 20, 2011

Sculpted Skulls

Ale Amorin, a sculptor from Brazil, submitted these pieces for your viewing pleasure.

When I go into art history museums, I always marvel at the sculptures. I love seeing the ones carved out of stone. I'm amazed that these artists have the ability to look at the stone and see these pieces within them. The same thing goes for these pieces above which appear to be clay and any piece of art. You see the materials and the shape of the subject forms in your mind the way it forms in reality. I could see the two above pieces in a museum next to historical pieces, since they have similar lines. The curves in the first one make me want to run my fingers along it the way I would along a broken conch shell. The second one reminds me of religious reliefs, which tend to be creepier to me than other works of art. I could see this skull being part of a biblical story.

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