Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Bonus] Super Skull Stencil Saturday

Thanks to the awesomeness of the Skull Master we have a number of skull items on our "Free Stuff" page. Things like patterns, puzzles, fonts, and a bunch of stencils. We love seeing pics of items adorned with these stencils so here's a few to fill your weekend with even more skulls.

Noel Wyatt in Derby, UK plastered his bass drum head with a rowdy bunch of headbangers.

Alex in Santa Cruz is a wall climbing cat that writes, "Thanks for putting some of your stencils up on the website. I liked them a lot and decided to decorate a climbing wall I was constructing with them".

Megan from Rochester, NY submitted this pic and note, "Attached are some pictures of some tees and tanks I stenciled using the #9 skull stencil! I made them as christmas gifts and it was economical and fun. I printed the skull stencil onto a thick acetate (like an overhead transparency) and then used an X-acto knife to trace the stencil and pop out the shapes. I used simple bone colored acrylic paint mixed with textile medium so that the design holds up to washing and wearing. My friends and family loved them! Oh, and then I designed and printed the tee tags too!".

This color blast skull comes from Shelby who, "Immediately printed out one of the stencils and spray painted it. It was a vampire skull. However, I didn't cut out all too well, and my ink ran out while printing. Nonetheless this is the outcome".

And Adrian Vallejo of Amarillo, Texas kept it simply straight with a great white on black stenciled binder.

Thanks to all of you who submit your stenciled items. We love to see them and we'll always post more if you keep submitting them.

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Gina said...

Awesome projects everyone!!! I'm painting a jacket and these could be just what it needs(is way to girly at the moment) :D XXX