Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skull Fusion

Josh Damaso is back with two more skull creations. He explains, "I've always been fascinated with skulls. Specially fusion with other elements, specially the heart. Love will kill and one will kill for love. Plus they are two of the most important organs in our bodies." "I mostly work on pencils and acrylics, very few on color pencil or oil based. I work as a tattoo artist here in the Bronx, New York. Love the profession and love Skull-A-Day. Always something new to learn everyday."

I always love the combo of a heart and a skull. Like Josh said, "they are two of the most important organs in our bodies". We also love with both of them, which can be beautiful, heartbreaking and deadly. They are intertwined, even though they are in two different areas of our bodies.

I like the combination of a skull with flowers and water. It reminds me of island or old world water burials where the corpse would be placed on a wooden float, sometimes decorated with flowers to cover the scent and set on fire as it would be pushed out into the water. I see there is a snake included, which looks like writhing flames among the skull and roses. I like these natural sort of burials better than the traditional ones of modern countries where we embalm, entomb and bury the person in a very costly manner. Personally, I'd rather be cremated and crushed. After I die, the person is gone and I'm only a corpse. Until then, I'll happy enjoy morbid art...and other kinds to.

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