Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Raku Skull

Greta “Aunt Acid” told us: “This is one of several skulls I made in ceramics class my 2nd year at college. It is made of porcelain and was Raku-fired.”

Smokey C says:

Raku is such a wonderful choice for a ceramic skull. The natural blackening is a wonderful accent to this piece. One of my favorite things about Raku pieces is that an additional sense is embraced in experiencing the art. You have the sight and the feel of it, but Raku also has a distinct smell of fire to it that I find myself drawn to. Thank you for submitting your work for us to share.


Jaybyrd said...

Totally Awesome!

aunt acid said...

i feel so honored to be part of the skull-a-day website! i've got more!