Monday, October 31, 2011

13 Skulls

Paul Shubrook is an artist based in Essex, England. He created a series of artworks, "13 Skulls" to explore the form of the skull. The work is produced in ink, water and pencil. Here are a few images of the "13 Skulls" artworks.

A skull is a form which deserves an artistic study. At different angles, it's unusual beauty is seen clearly. The way the shadows cast in it's crevices and the light glows on it's ridges, is haunting. We all have a skull, so we all have that inner beauty. Paul's skull study is a work of art that truly unlocks this dark beauty. His use of blendable mediums helps showcase the unique features of a skull. For more photos of this series, head over to his website.

“Countdown To Halloween”

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