Sunday, October 2, 2011

[BONUS] The Gift of Skulls - Seattle

During my recent trip to Seattle I was given several lovely skulls:

First from Ben and his 3 year old son Sagan...

I was staying at their house and I discovered this Lego quartet waiting for me when I got back from a long day out and about. The little white skull to the left is actually a musical shaker that Sagan likes to carry around and call Mr. Skull!

Then from internet friend Camel...

A lovely painting he made that came in a handmade box.

And a homemade skull mold with plaster cast. Now I can make my own custom skull chocolates!

Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Nice -
glad you had time to visit!!!
Thanks for the great lunch & chat ...
See ya again next time!!!

yelahneb said...

Excellent having you as a guest - no bones about it :) See you next time!