Friday, October 14, 2011

Personal Project Skulls

Today we have a pair of skull that were created as part of personal projects.

First up is a new sticker from The Netherlands based Dstruct Collective. The sticker project called “Forever Young” is a collaborative effort between Michiel who did the lettering and “Ruwedata” who did the image as of way to recapture their youthful rebellion. {ed note: “Ruwedata” is now 30}

Next up is Rodni from Richmond,CA who made this stencil for a project he called “white on dark photoed with clouds”.

C me says:

Thank you both for sharing your personal projects with us. I am always welcome to see how our community has its footings throughout the world. I was also amused to find that there is a Richmond, CA since Richmond, VA is where the Skull-A-Day headquarters is. Dstruct Collective is giving out their free stickers across The Netherlands whether you want them or not, however check out Rhodni's link for info about getting some of his free stickers.

“Countdown To Halloween”
17 more days and counting...

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