Friday, October 21, 2011

Dia de la Abby: #64 Pumpkin Skull Cookies

I love baking and at this time of year, I want pumpkin foods. To help fill both of those loves, I made some special cookies.



I followed this recipe to make the cookies. I added pumpkin spice to the dough, so the cookies had a little kick to them. I might add a bit of nutmeg to the next batch. They could use a bit more spice. I used mini chocolate chips and regular butterscotch chips to decorate this one. I placed them close together, because I knew they would spread out when baking. I chose to use mini chocolate chips, so I could have better control over the design. After decorating this one, I mixed in a lot of the chocolate and butterscotch chips into the batter, to make more cookies. 

I baked them for a couple minutes longer than the recipe said. I have a gas oven. I recommend checking the thickest ones with a toothpick, at about the 8 minute mark, to see if they need more time. Mine took about 12 minutes. Then, I finished cooking the tops in the broiler for about 20 seconds. That is how I have to bake cookies with my oven. Yours might be different. This is a great cookie to make with kids, as the cookie dough is a bit firm, so decoration with the chips is easy.

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