Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cardboard Skull

Seeing as how I hail from the 'zoo in Michigan it brings me great pride to post a skull from a neighbor in the "Great Lake State". Ron Zawistowski spends his time in Grand Rapids making skulls(amongst other things I presume). He tells us, "Let me first say that I really love your site. There are so many cool images there. It's always a pleasure to stop in and see what's new. There isn't much to say about this submission. I was bored, so I grabbed a piece of cardboard, some paint and a utility knife, peeled away the "skin" of the cardboard and revealed the skull that was lying beneath it."

Something as simple as an ordinary piece of cardboard can make a great metaphor. The "skin" is gone revealing the deep texture that resides in all of our skulls. Whether it's the bumpy brain, the patterned ego, or the random thoughts we all have, there's more to us than what we see on the outside and this corrugated sheet of paper shows us that...simply. Thanks for the deep thoughts, Ron!

“Countdown To Halloween”
9 more days and counting...

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dolores said...

Great idea and how cool would that be for Halloween decorations! Filing this idea away for future use! Thanks for sharing!