Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesdays With Tatman #54 Etched Iron Cross Skull Glass[Bonus Giveaway Post]

Perhaps you've seen some of the etched glass that has made it's way through our site, and perhaps you've even seen the official Skull-A-Day.com glasses over at my own site or my other works on my Tatman Glass Facebook page. Well today's TWT promises to not disappoint with this etched tumbler glass featuring my Iron Cross Skull design.

And here's the best part gang, this bad boy could be delivering a drink straight to the mouth of you! That's right! I'm giving this "first of it's kind" glass to one lucky Skull-A-Day reader who will be randomly chosen on my Tatman Glass Facebook page. Here's the catch, you have to visit the FB page and "Like" it in order to leave a comment to enter.

In your comment I want to know the craziest drink you can think of to drink from this flaming cross skull glass. Make up your own drink if you want and give it a good name. I'm open to suggestions.

Remember, if you don't "Like" my work you wouldn't want this glass anyway, right? So head over to the FB page and sign up. I'll be taking entries until Saturday October 29th at Midnight EST. Good luck and thanks for checking it out!


Trustar said...

Mr Tatman

We like it!!

Perfect recipe for this glass is my

Rabid Mongoose

2 oz White Rum
2 oz BlackStrap Rum
1.5 oz Sweet n Sour
.75 oz Orgeat Syrup
.75 oz Lime Juice

"That is a tasty beverage"

Noah said...

Be sure to put your comment on Tatman's Facebook page (linked above) to be entered to win!