Monday, October 3, 2011

Digitally Dead Skulls

Margaret Nichol, is a graphic designer and Illustrator from Toronto in Canada. She explained about the pieces. "The first titled “dead” is an illustration I did for a local Toronto band named Alectrona. The second is “butterfly splatter” and was just an illustration I did for fun."

I'm not normally a fan of digital art, but I like the vivid colors and cartoon like quality of these. The top one reminds me of Bettie Page, who is now deceased. The red swirls make me think of her sanity leaking out of her skull...which it did in a way. Still love her though. The second one has two of my favorite things in it...skull and a butterfly. I like the shading of the colors on the wings. It's would blend into a fuchsia flower nicely.

“Countdown To Halloween”
28 more days and counting...

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