Friday, June 19, 2009

British Skulls: for illustration only

Edward Crutchley from London, GB sent us this first illustration called "Baron Samedi".

The next comes from Ian Pyper who included the following label:

{Ian Pyper, English, Outsider Artist
'Future Primitive'/'Paleolithique Moderne'
"Skull Tank" Image: Ink on Grey A4 Size Paper - 2005}

Matchmaker C says:

It was only after I was putting this post together that I realized that both of you work in Southern England. If you haven't met each other yet let me introduce you to each other here. Edward - Ian / Ian -Edward. Thank you both for submitting this work. In the age of computer illustration, it is great that there are artists out there that are still working in this medium. If you two end up collaborating on a project in the future, please send it in to us.

Bringing artists together, just another service we provide here at Skull-A-Day.

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Tatman said...

And the brother/sisterhood of Skull-A-Day rolls on like a crazy baron driving a tank.