Monday, June 8, 2009

A Skull in a Sticky Situation. (Safe for Work)

Skip wrote: "I work at a film company, and made this from the label scraps after a co-worker/friend had me burn 70 DVDs in house. Another coworker saw it and told me about your blog."

Printer C Says:

Wait I have a couple: Is it live? I don't think you should be advertising DVD piracy.

Welcome aboard Skip, we are glad you found us. I really like that you saw art when others just saw trash. You must have some pretty amazing things around to inspire you for a future submission.

To Skip's coworker: Thanks for sharing Skull-A-Day with a new person.

There have been a number of past submissions from the work place, I truly enjoy seeing work done with the tools of your trade.

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Tatman said...

Emblematic of DVD piracy, or just good use of idle time? I know how long it can take to burn DVDs (home movies only, thank you)so kudos to you for not twiddling your thumbs or picking your nose. Thanks for showing us your creativity, Skip. Idle hands are the devil's tools.