Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesdays With Tatman #2

Hello again, friends. Welcome to the second week of "Tuesdays With Tatman". Each Tuesday during the 3.0 year I will follow in the great shining path of the Skull Master and present a new weekly skull of my own.

As spring turns to summer here in the Northern hemisphere we all get a chance to enjoy the benefits of warm weather, sunshine, and outdoor activities. Taking part in summer sports and leisure time fun is a large part of what I like about this season. A part of my fun time includes swinging my sticks at a local golf course. The smell of the grass, the beauty of a well groomed course, and the sound of my obscenities make any golf outing an experience. So in honor of this great time I present you with my golf ball skull. He keeps a smile on his face since he knows that he will never be lost in the woods after one of my drives. Tom Hanks had his Wilson, so my friend" Spalding" will always be in my bag.

One golf ball, carved with my Dremel tool, and painted. As a note, if you try this at home, turn down the speed of your carving tool. This will prevent liquefied plastic from being splattered on your clothes and face. Trust me, it happens.

As an added bonus we have another offering for the Skull-A-Day faithful contributors union. It's your very own S-A-D Contributors Union card:

As suggested by Citizen Agent, roughly designed by yours truly, and fined tuned into .pdf form by the Skull Master. Carry and display it proudly. It's just another way of us saying, "Thanks for being a member!" Feel free to download the free .pdf HERE. The .pdf is card sized for ease of printing. Don't worry, even if you haven't contributed (yet) or are going to, you can still get it (we won't tell).


nitebyrd said...

Ooooh! Official! I like that. LOL

Citizen Agent said...

Par C said:
That is wonderful! I love the staging of your shot.*pun intended*
I know this is a personal question, but do all your balls look like that?

Boss C said:
Nice touch with the union card. When is elections? Is Hoffa a member-at-large?

Tatman said...

That is a bit personal, but I don't mind. My regular balls are not carved, but I do use a skull to mark them so I know they're mine. Elections are in October(wink, wink) and Jimmy can be a member too, provided that he can still sign the card. If not we'll make him an honorary member.

Noah said...

Awesome work! It almost makes me want to play golf.

PearsonMetalArt said...

Good job Tatman. Nothing like the smell of burning plastic in the morning!

Tatman said...

Thanks, Larry. The card is all because of folks like you.

Coach Z said...

I love it!!! And, I have got stuff to submit...been busy and putting it off. I do not know what your policy is, but how do you feel about awards? You have been given one at www.theplayoflightandshadow.blogspot.com. Thanks.