Saturday, June 27, 2009

Doodle-Zook Skulls

Creative theorist and solution engineer Shawn White shares with us, "A few designs I worked up and am anticipating screen printing onto t-shirts". He adds, "I've never considered myself an "artist" but have always had that burning need to create. After having attempting to placate my need to create by doodling for the past decade, I've decided to start screen printing as a creative outlet. I'm also planning to sell these on-line".

Thanks to Shawn for sharing his creativity with us . He will have to let us know when he adds these designs to his store. He has a few other things to choose from for now. Maybe he's busy making a flag for the June contest? Or maybe he anticipates what next month may bring?????


Sam said...

nooo the skulls are too cute T.T

Anonymous said...

i like 'em too!

Tatman said...

They remind me of a Goomba skull.