Monday, June 22, 2009

Skull Couture Accessory

Kimberly Hart - Toronto, ON said: "I have some skulls to show you - take a look! Their all made from polymer clay."

Home Shopping C says:

Since yesterday was all about manly energy, I thought it would be nice to bring balance back to Skull-A-Day with a post full of feminine practicality. Before our beloved Skullmaster posted 109. Jumbo Lace Skull during 1.0 I had never heard of this thing called "Etsy". Now I can't imagine a world without it.

Thank You for submitting the skull treasures you have to offer. I am proud to suport the work of independant artists on Etsy, and I encourage everyone else to do similar.

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Tatman said...

We have come so far when we can adorn our women in the beauty of death and still find life in the way they wear it. Great submissions, ladies!