Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Embroidered Skulls

Carol wrote:" Here are 2 embroidered skulls that I've made a few years ago...Whilst completing some textile research of an aspect of WW II, I came across the phrase "I am become death - the destroyer of worlds" (relating to the Nuclear bomb).** This became the original idea for the main mask/skull & mirror. For your interest, more explicit working details of this particular project will be on my blog..."

"BroochSkull" is a brooch made from a bird skull (found in UK), painted then embroidered with metallic thread, made to verify 'samples' of selected embroidery techniques being used for the full-sized skull/mask. In total, it's appx 7cm tall.

"MirrorMask" is a lifesize mask-style skull made from handmade lace (using metallic threads) & small pieces of transparent plastics, mounted on a painted & embroidered mirror frame. NOTE: The pictures of the mask were taken in outside to enable natural light to reflect into the eye socket panels as this is mainly the only way in which the eyes 'light up and look at you'.

Eye of the Needle C says:

This is truly amazing work. I recommend checking out Carol's blog, it is full of many interesting topics broken down into monthly themes.

Speaking of monthly themes... remember the deadline for the June Contest is the 30th, don't forget submitting an entry is your only chance to win this prize.

** For those not familiar with this quote, see the third paragraph in "influence", for a twitter version of the answer.

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Tatman said...

Oooh! These are hauntingly dark and evil looking. I always thought that bird skulls looked a bit creepier than human ones.