Monday, June 15, 2009

Skulls with Style (Gift Box included)

Anna ** from Italy wrote:"I am an artist and i work in the world of cartoons,i have a little blog me too.I have the passion for the art and am so very very happy to find your blog,very interesting and full of inspirations."

"I leave you my recent works (some creations of mine): A necklace with a small bag and a pendant,a pendant and also a box."

The wonderful box: Outside on the left/Inside on the right

May C says:
If I received a present in this box I would not be sure what the real gift was suppose to be. Multi-talented in all you do, thanks for sharing this with us and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

**English translation using Google


Tatman said...

I think I'm gonna make these boxes for Halloween gifts. Good stuff!

Alex said...

Are you sure you didnt use the yoda translator?

Suzanne in Orting, WA said...

I love the boxes, but if one is to be inside the other, shouldn't be a mirror image in shape?

Noah said...

Good point Suzanne! I guess some Photoshop trickery is in order if one wants to do an inside/outside thing with them.