Thursday, June 11, 2009

Skull Italian

Our friend Pasquale Caruana shares his rock skulls from the beach of Calabria, Italy. He titles it "Bob Sponge Skull". Of course most of us(with kids) know that a certain sponge named Bob lives deep in the sea, but maybe these are the washed up skull remains of his relatives. Rocks or skulls, either way they have a nice view for their eternal peace. Thanks, Pasquale.

Tatman here: Pasquale is a man of my own heart. I see rocks everywhere that remind me of skulls all of the time. Even if they need a little help to be seen


Citizen Agent said...

Deep C Diver says:

I love this picture. Hopefully you left them behind for others to find.

Tatman said...

Yes. You don't want to move the bones of the deceased.