Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paisley Skull

Kurt Marlow from the U.K. presents us with his beautiful "Paisley Skull". He tells us, "I’m an Artist/Tattooer and I would like to submit some skulls pics. I sell my work through a wicked company called thecanvaslounge. Please take a look if you get chance!!" Check out Kurt's own site or buy any of his awesome works at The Kurt Marlow page on thecanvaslounge

Tatman wishes someone would buy Kurt's stuff. Just don't "Eat Your Paisley" if you do.


b13 said...

Oh man! I want this embroidered on a tie!

Tatman said...

Great idea, b! That would be the best tie EVER!

M. Florencia Bordas said...

oh man, this reminded me of hr giger somehow, it´s like a virus eating it.