Friday, September 17, 2010

22K Skull Ring

Alyssa Vochis, owner of Alyssa Jewelers Workbench and Gallery in Phoenix, AZ told us: “ This skull is 22k gold with Australian black opal eyes, it was carved in the likeness of the ring Keith Richards has been wearing for years. Our store has been catering to the biker community for 6 years now, and we have an extensive collection of skulls. We have shown your website to many people and it does get people thinking. I can see their creativity when it begins to flow, I love it.”

Jumpin’ Jack C says:

One thing I love most about this project is that we get to virtually meet many great artists from around the world. Some of my favorite artists are those who work with gold. What I admire most about them is their ability to transform wax into something precious in a way sort of like modern day alchemy. In the past we have been witness to the extensive process of designing a piece like this, and I admire the dedication you have in perusing the final piece knowing that at any step something catastrophic could happen that would completely undo all those hours of work. Thank you for submitting your work and sharing some of the other skullrific pieces you make at your workshop.

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Amblus said...

Oh, that is SO COOL.