Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“Une case en moins” Skull

Arthur Michel from France sent us this digitally enhanced drawing titled “Une case en moins” which he translated as “One Box Less” a term he said is used to describe a “mad” person.

Pine C says:

If I may for a moment jump off topic and say, you have an amazing body of work that is featured on your website, and this piece is easily counted with the rest. I really like how the hand that is springing forth from the skull announces the piece with out immediately overpowering the rest of the subject. Thank you for submitting this work, as well as letting us know about your other work through the link you submitted.


Who said...

Heyyyy, thx a lot for accepting the submission and above all, for your nice message underneath the picture!

PrixMadonna said...

Gorgeous. I love this one.