Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kerosene’s Skulls

Kerosene from Montreal, Quebec, Canada sent us a pair of skulls she made.

First she told us: “I've been a fan of Noah's blog since ‘310. Googly Eye Skull’ from the original year and skulls, well forever. One day I decided to carve a skull out of a small potato and stamp it, with white acrylic paint, down the outside seam of a pair of black jeans.”

Next she said: “Well I couldn't resist sending this picture of my just finished (ready to be moved into) birdhouse. ”

Frank C. Wright says:

Thank you for staying a fan over the years. It is always a joy to know that we have inspired someone to go forth and make their own skull art. Since you became a fan later in the original project perhaps you may have missed another of the Skullmaster’s notable creations here. The potato is such a wonderful art tool that is often forgotten. With the bird house I really like your use of the skull and bone motif to accent the lattice work, it would be interesting to try to replicate this with full size lattice. Thank you again for submitting your work and being such a loyal fan.

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