Friday, September 10, 2010

Typographic Skull

Jess told us: “I was creating a birthday card for my friend with a layout program. While formatting the text, I was experimenting and hit the 'justification' in type-settings: Surprise! A skull appeared. I have been a skull-addicted for a long time, and was inspired by your blog. So I decided to format that skull a bit further and more clear.

The text is by Johan Wolfgang Goethe (German philosopher): ‘Keine Kunst ist's, alt zu werden; Es ist Kunst, es zu ertragen.’ Translation: It needs no art to age; but to bear it, is an art.”

Original Version

Alternative Version on suggestion from the Skullmaster.

As an added bonus, Jess has kindly shared a pdf version of these works in postcard form for you to download from here. (The Creative Commons License is at the bottom of the right sidebar.)

Enlightened C says:

I am a big fan of picture typography. I really am awestruck by this piece. This worked is packed with so much symbolism that one can easily view it though the multi-facets that Goethe himself might have done. Thank you for sharing this piece with us, both the original. and the alternative version. This truly is a wonderful birthday gift for anyone who loves skulls or just art in general.

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