Friday, September 3, 2010

Skull Hood

Kim from Club RUB London (NSFW/K) sent us this picture of a Mexican Day of the Dead looking hood she did with “Club RUB's 14th Birthday event” in mind.

Kim said: “I made this hood with my own fair hands. I started with a black lycra hood. Using a polystyrene head, I use a square of white felt and pinned the cut-out skull-shape on the lycra hood and hand-sewn it into place. Using a glue gun I stuck crystals in the teeth area. On the forehead, in between the eyes, I stuck a paper filigree heart that came off a Valentine's card my fella gave me. The rose head garland was made using a wide plastic headband from any £1 shop. The red roses I got from a discount shop. A hot glue gun is an absolute ‘must-have’ as it secures the roses in place instantly. I added crystals to the tips of the roses using Superglue. Alternatively you can add glitter glue to the tips of the roses.”

Censored C says:

As a mask aficionado, I truly admire your work on this one. I never thought about using a lyrca hood before as a base, thank you for that tip. I really love the amount of thought that went into making this piece, you captured the look very well and I can imagine you blending in flawlessly amongst traditional decorations. Thank you for subitting your work, and we would love to see more of this theme from you the future.

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