Friday, September 3, 2010

[Flashback Friday] 32. Interlocking Skull

Welcome to another addition of Flashback Friday.** This year the guest editors, Azurafae, Tatman, and myself, Citizen Agent, are taking turns counting down our personal favorite 17 skulls from the Original 365.25 Year. So please join us as we visit the archives and add our additional commentary on some of the original pieces.

#5: 32. Interlocking Skull

C. Harvey says:

It was almost inevitable that this one would show up. However, most of you were probably guessing that this would be #1 not #5. Since this one now has taken on a life of its own, let me share with you a more humble beginning.

As the original project started its second month, Noah and I developed a sort of rapport I would try to encourage him with my commentary, and he would sometimes have a comment on my commentary only encouraging me further. I fell in love with the idea of using this image as wrapping paper and I was thinking about sending Noah a little present wrapped in it. (see the original comments here) I printed out #32 large enough for the purpose of wrapping paper and tacked it to a bulletin board until I would be ready to send it.

On July 8, 2007 I was sitting at my computer staring at the bulletin board, and was struck by the proverbial lightning. The #32 that I printed out a couple of days earlier was the same size as my head. I cut it out punched a couple of holes and it worked perfectly as a mask. “C” was ready to go public, I took a couple of pictures and sent them off.

The next day Noah posted this on Skull-A-Day. It was the green light that singled to me “lets keep this going” and so it did for the rest of the year. I know making a skull a day was hard, but needing to come up with a comment a day was not so easy either. Sadly I didn't earn my 365 merit badge, but I gave it a good effort.

Now you ask: Whatever happened to Citizen Agent’s original mask? The answer: It became part of the #366 installation and I would guess it is now part of the Skull-A-Day archives, maybe if I am lucky it is framed hanging on a wall in a Skull-A-Day Cafe.

And now you know -- the rest of the story- Gooooooood Day!

**Flashback Friday was a weekly countdown of the fan selected top 52 skulls of Skull-A-Day 1.o. Each week during year 3.0 The Skullmaster posted the original skull along with some additional commentary in order from lowest to highest rated, with the #1 skull appearing in the last week of year 3.0, all 52 can be found here.


Noah said...

Thanks for the behind the mask glimpse! It's cool to finally know more about your origin. And funny that I never thought to ask.

Scare Sarah said...

Great one! Love the design there too.