Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inked Skulls

Do you know what's cooler than an old school '80's skull tattoo? 3 old school 80's tattoos! Piet du congo is a traveling Belgian tattooist who puts the needles to skin in a few countries. Piet tells us where you can catch him, "I work in Belgium at "la boucherie moderne" and in Jemelle in my studio. I work too in Paris at "ART CORPUS" and sometimes in other shops like "Scratcher Paradise" in Berlin and soon "la tannerie" in Toulouse."

This 8 bit skull gets down to basics with it's deadly reminder of life's brevity...

I've got a flood of bad memories from this crazy casette tape skull(nothing a pencil can't fix though)...

And this Rubik's cube skull is totally mind boggling

Awesome works, Piet! Just like Ratt sang back in the '80's, "What comes around goes around". I'm sure if tattooing was as advanced back then as it is now then we might have seen a lot more ink like this. Maybe even an Atari tattoo. Thanks for slinging the ink and sharing your skulls, Piet.

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Piet du Congo said...

thanks a lot !
You can also find me on facebook :!/pages/PIET-DU-CONGO/63994656792

my next guest spot:
8-9 octobre convention de Nantes-
13-14 novembre convention BXL-
15-21 novembre BERLIN scratchers paradise-
6-13 decembre TOULOUSE la tannerie-
23-24 avril 2011 LAROCHE sur YON convention tattoo-
Le reste du temps à Jemelle-