Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Logo Skulls

I thought I'd bring you all another two for Tuesday again with a pair of skull logos. First up is Lauren Conroy of Chicago with this look into the human mind. Her logo is for her web site Iwanttodrawyourbrains.com.

Next up is Skull-A-Day friend Josh Warner with the logo for his GoodArtHlywd jewelry company. Josh painted this logo on the wall of his new shop were he's still churning out kick ass pieces like these.

*p.s.- You can keep up on Josh's new pieces and travels over at his blog*

Each of these is unique yet each is similar. I love the way Lauren's anatomically correct logo makes great use of negative spacing to really dive deep into the human skull. Josh's logo is an awesome example of hard work leading to a desired result of extravagance. The skull is raw and unrefined, waiting to be polished into genuine american luxury by Josh. I hope each of you find lots of success and attract the desired attention with your logos. Thanks!

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