Monday, September 6, 2010

Franky Skull Doll

Marian Gárriz Jiménez, from Barcelona, Spain submitted this little guy. "I like to draw and sew cloth dolls, one of them is a Frankenstein's skeleton."

Since I was a kid, I've been a fan of what mom calls "Ugly Dolls". She is 100% responsible for this. I've collected quite a few. I love the hand made quality of them and this one is no different. I like the variation in stitches. Being that this is inspired by Frankenstein's Monster, it's great that this little guy is hand made, like the monster in Frankenstein. Marian other dolls are just as cute. You can see more of her cute dolls here.


Divaeva said...

That little guy is fantastic!


This is really cute.

Unknown said...

cute and square, we are on the same page!