Thursday, September 9, 2010

Susannah's Skulls

Suzannah Eller, from Fairfax, VA submitted this two skulls she doodled.

I like the cheerful cartoonish quality to both pieces. For the top one, the use of shading with the simplified shapes has a painterly old world look. The 4 curls remind me of octopus legs, though they don't have skulls. I also just like swirls in general. I can imagine this being on a iron work fence somewhere here in Richmond, VA. Iron work is one thing we are famous for. Maybe, it would be on an old store sign for a mortuary. For the second one, I like the use of the black, white and grey skull and bones on top of the bright pop of pink. It really makes the skull and bones stand out better. The Xs on the mouth remind me of mumification and binding for some reason, though I have yet to see mouth stitching through a skull. Though there was that crazy diet where people got their mouth's wired shut and only drank through a straw. That is an odd torture that seemed well accepted at the time. It's odd to step back and see the body modifications that are widely accepted (like plastic surgery) vs more "taboo" ones like piercings and tattoos...which have been around much longer than modern plastic surgery. For more of Suzannah Eller's work, go to her blog.

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