Saturday, April 2, 2011

dedlaast Skull

Charlotte, NC is home to graphic designer Brandon Scharr who writes, "This is a logo I had developed for myself as part of a gamertag by the name of ‘dedlaast’ many years ago (purposely misspelled). It’s gone through a few iterations during that time, but this version has pretty much stuck. It even got into the upcoming Logolounge 6 book."

To give credit where it's due, Brandon used a blood splatter vector from to create this slightly more 'ded' version.

I definitely wouldn't place this skull logo dead last on my list of favorites. In fact I would have called him more of a dead eye, but if he took the head shot then that obviously isn't so. Thanks for sharing this simply bold logo, Brandon!


teanotea said...

I love this skull, and I love skull a day. Plus, Skull Appreciation Day is my birthday. It's like karma

T-Bone said...

I love Skull Appreciation Day so much, I want to marry it.