Monday, April 4, 2011

Toxic Skull

Aaron Miranda, "drew it in photoshop using vectors".

I love how sinister this colorful skull looks. With "Toxic" across the top, it is suitable as a modern poison label. I like the repetition in the background, using another color scheme. However if I was in college and had roommates, I might slap this on the good stuff, just to protect it. I see this working great as a fabric print. I'd like to see the repetition in just one color scheme. I would make a skirt out of fabric like this.

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Ange said...

That is very cool. I am a little amazed at the difference that neutral colours and no eye detail makes (in the background). It almost looks like a different skull!
Oh, and my skull would mark my bottle of 'poison'.... Bailey's!

Tiki said...

My poison would be wormwood, because the green makes me think of absinthe.

Caryn F. said...

This skull is awesome. I'm seconding the T-shirt idea.
My poison would be arsenic, because why mess with the classics?

fogmama said...

Very Roger Rabbit looking! Cool!

Samantha said...

I'd love to see a fabric version of this, specifically on a tote bag or wallet. Or as a giant print for my wall.!