Friday, April 29, 2011

Student Skulls

Teacher Rebecca Flowers sent in a couple pictures of skulls made by Walker Upper Elementary School students. They were visited by our very own Skullmaster last month you can see their formal thanks here.

Ms. Flowers told us: “One is made out of pencil eraser tops and the other is made out of Legos. The Lego creator ran out of white Legos and improvised with a red Lego bandanna on his skull.”

3rd period C says:

What a perfect way to celebrate a Friday! I love being able to feature the work of up and coming artists as well as see the inspiration of our daily influence on the future of art and culture or as Richard Florida may see them future creative class types. Thanks again for sharing this work.

** You can flashback to more skull erasers and legos at the links.

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Anonymous said...

The window display that Fauxred found at the Arrogant Cat store in London. That is my favorite!
And my contact is

Unknown said...

I hate to be a pain, but Lego is already plural, like sheep (according to Lego themselves apparently)

Unknown said...

Sorry, my mistake, it's actually LEGO (all caps)

Unknown said...

Damn, triple mistake, it's 'LEGO bricks' according to LEGO (search for 'plural')