Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.46

As always, our skull hunters are out and about in different locales, capturing these randomly hidden skulls for our readers to enjoy.

Toni Pedrozo, "found this nice piece of accident art. Guess some dudes burned plastic or something. You can find it in Switzerland/ Effretikon."

A former student of the Skull Master, Tim Harper, writes, "Saw this in the window of a closed shop off of Midlothian Turnpike--don't know if you can tell from the photos, but it's that black plastic they stick up in the windows of strip mall shops when they close down so you can't see inside. Looked like the profile of a skull to me."

And Ann Losee had some help from her kids with this find. "My daughter's plate after a dinner of tortilla burgers and oven sweet potato fries. My son Tommy showed the plate to me and said it looked like a skull."

Thanks to you all for yet another great round of skulls lurking around our everyday world. Keep your peepers peeled and you might find one to submit yourself.

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kerosene said...

Dancing with my cat,
in my dreams.

Kingsly Jarvisnuts said...

underneath the galea and temporalis fascia, on the operating table