Monday, April 25, 2011

Aged Skull Earrings

Jodie Vieira, of JoMarie Jewelry, submitted these earrings. She explains "I'm a jewelry designer from Nashville, TN and I saw a speech Noah Scalin did for Etsy about generating creativity.  It inspired me to embark on a project of my own where I create a new pair of earrings every day for 100 days, because Noah inspired me I wanted to pay homage to his Skull-a-Day by making some skull earrings.  I've attached a picture of the earrings I created, they were hand sawed out of sterling silver and aged with a heat treatment, and then adorned with swarovski crystals."

I love jewelry and of course skulls. I have multiple ear piercings. I have a seen a lot of skull earrings. I have a few pairs myself. This featured pair is one of my favorites that I have seen. I like the aged and discolored appearance of the metal, from being heated. The crystals pick up those color variations well. The style is a nice take on a traditional skull and crossed bones design. They are a good size to stand out, but not be heavy on the lobe. Too many great earrings are too heavy for my ears, which causes uncomfortable stretching. These don't look like they would, which is very nice.

To be entered in today's drawing to win a button just leave a comment below stating: What kind of jewelry do your adorn your skull with? I adorn mine with 3 pairs of dangle and stud earrings.

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Anonymous said...

I where multiple skulls everyday! I have a skull ring I made, a skull puzzle ring I saw and HAD to have, a skull eternity wedding band, and also a raven skull necklace I made.

Lauren said...

I usually wear 3 earrings: 2 plain diamond studs, and a slightly gauged out cartilage hoop. When I was much younger, I wore various hoops and studs in my 18 holes. Guess I've toned it down since having kids. Heh. I also have a monroe.

ellay4402 at yahoo dot com

Obsidian Kitten said...

So glad I found your blog. I love skulls, but I only wear one stud on my own skull now, a small diamond from a pair I split with my best friend in high school a little over 25 years ago.

When it's cold, I wear self-made monster you've got me thinking I should knit up one with a skull on it.

phillipjmerrill said...

Well, because a skull has no ears or nose, I would probably just add an artfully placed bolt or two.