Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stone Skull Carvings

Sam Sutherland most recently submitted his amazing skull table, and today he's back with more excellent carvings. I liked all of these equally so I had to share them all. The first and third skulls are created from marble, and the second set(with two skulls) are macedonian limestone and conchuela limestone.

Stone carving is one of the most primitive and ancient art forms, yet it's still one of the most impressive. I really love the historic feeling you get even when a piece was just recently finished. The ability to create such smooth characters from the hard minerals is a talent that I could only hope to acheive...but for now I'll just continue being a blockhead. Thanks again for the impressive skull work, Sam!

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To be entered in the drawing just leave a comment below stating: What kind of rock you would carve into a skull. Umm, are diamonds considered rocks? That would definitely be my choice!

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We have a rather large chunk of rock over here called Ularu, (Ayers Rock)
I think it would look good with a large skull carved into it, although I think the traditional owners may have something say about that.


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Nice Post . very nice!!!