Monday, May 23, 2011

Sharpie Skull

KimZ from Glen Allen, VA, made this "using a sharpie marker and just dots to create a skull image".

I like the use of pointillism to create this skull. I know that takes a long time to do. Pointillism always makes me think of sand painting. The use of small dots to create an image, is similar to the use of small grains of sand to create an image. Pointillism was developed by Georges Seurat, branching from Impressionism. Sandpainting is used by many people including, Native Americans, Tibetian monks, Indians, Latin Americans, and Austrailian Aborigines, to create different images inspired by their heritage. Sand painting is commonly used in Mexico during Dia de los Muertos to create images of skeletons. Since the celebration is three days long, this is a good use of the temporary art form of sand painting. Impressionism, is long term with the use of paint, instead of sand. Both are equally beautiful art forms, in their own ways.

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blake0729 said...

definitely graffiti

zyg0na said...

Mine would haft to be sculpture, I love sculpting watching a hunk of clay transform into something amazing in my hands.

zyg0na said... for the chance to win the pin X3 forgot to post it <D<