Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Headed Cat Skull

Pixie in Los Angeles, CA submitted this image, as part of her own daily project. "I'm creating a two headed cat everyday for a year. This image doubles as both a skull and a cat!"

What would be the advantage of a two headed cat? Well, there would be more furry cat to snuggle. There would be two mouths to feed, but only one belly. I imagine if it ran around like my one headed cat does, it
would take a tumble from the extra weight of a second head. Though I'm sure it would just stare around and pretend that didn't happen. There would be double meowing, which could be annoying, but maybe there would be double purring, which would be nice.

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Sarah said...

oh my goodness, I had a recurring nightmare as a child about a two headed black cat - shudder!

cool image though!

aunt acid said...

this is awesome. so talented to come up with this. it's beautiful.

MedicalArtMofo said...

Probably a two-headed horse! Could be interesting to see that trotting down the road!


Anonymous said...

Would there be anything more menacing or terrifying than a two headed T-Rex?