Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.52

For this last week's round of simulacra for the 4.0 year I decided to post a few images that should be a staunch reminder that hidden skulls are underfoot at all times.

My wife Kendra sports these nifty little skulls on the back of her shoes.

Joel Gration found this interesting "Chewing gum on the flo'".

And near a construction site in Zurich, Switzerland Toby Melunsky dicovered this skull pebble.

Never let your eyes grow weary, skull hunters. Make it your objective to capture those hidden skulls before they GET YOU!!! Thanks again to everyone who contributed all of the great simulacra images this year. Sundays have been a tradition for these posts, and we hope you'll all continue to help us make this happen.


“Skull Appreciation Day Daily Button Giveaway”
To be entered in the drawing just leave a comment below stating: What you would name a line of skull shoes. Any style you like. I'd have a pair of flip flops with eye sockets on the straps and your toes would be the teeth. I'd call them Skeets(skull feet).

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to include a way to contact you (either an e-mail in the post OR make sure your Blogger profile has an e-mail link for you on it).

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Stefan said...

Hidden in plain sight.

Lesley said...

Craneo is the Spanish word for skull.

Lesley said...


Ronald said...

I would consider naming them "Yoriks"