Friday, May 20, 2011

Carved Wood Skulls

Me: Would you like to see a pair of skulls today?
You: Would I!
Me: Yes they are...

First up is “d3f-ink” from Germany sent us an item they did: “Here is a little carved wood-skull I did on summer holiday in Sardegna, Ialy last year.”

Next is “silvercow” who said: “This is a thumb drive I carved using an oak slate from a pallet. The bow is coated with epoxy (tinted with red red). A wood burner was used to make the eyes. My art was inspired by a drawing I found on Skull-A-Day.”

Whittle C says:

I like the beach wood a lot, it fits so well with the surrounding almost as if it had been there for many years fading away. Speaking of fading... in the years since, the last time I tried to carve a nice piece of wood I slipped and was left with a nice scar on my thumb. It is amusing for me to see a piece of wood carved into a thumb drive. Thank you both for taking the time to submit your work for us to share.

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Scott Schluter said...

Rosewood. What skull doesn't go with rose?