Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skull ACEOs

Georgie Mullens submitted two of her works from her participation in a "Skull of the Month ACEO Club"

She explains about these pieces, "As for ACEOs, if you don't know, they are original art trading cards bought and sold all over the world.  The only rule is they must be2.5" x 3.5".  It's become a popular hobby and also a cool way for people to build an art collection inexpensively. Included are a couple of my skull ACEOs.  I paint everyday and not even I know what's going to turn up next.  So this subscription thing is going to be a blast for me!

The amount of detail in these small painting is amazing. When you are working with a small amount of space, you have to really think about what details to include. The top one is reminiscent of a Victorian lady. At one time in history, the color purple was used for only royalty. This was because the dye needed to achieve purple, was expensive, so only wealthy people could afford fabric dyed purple. By the Victorian time, richly colored fabrics were easier to acquire, though still normally seen on wealthy people. Black was standard, as the dirt of bustling cities was less noticeable, so the garments were cleaned less. Black is sort of standard for most of us here at Skull-A-Day...but you all probably already knew that.

The second painting draws me into this imaginary words. I wonder why she taking a stroll through the graveyard at night. Perhaps she is heading back to her grave after an evening of luring unsuspecting drivers to their doom. You know, so she has some new company in the grave yard. I love that her hair and gown blow wildly in the wind, as if she has indeed been up to no good. The roses to me, are symbols of a dark beauty. The flowers are soft and sweet smelling, but their stems and branches they grow from are thorny and dangerous. You must handle them delicately, or you will get injured. Regardless of the suspected danger of this red haired lady, I would like to stroll with her.

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fogmama said...

I think my skull and I would like to travel to ancient Egypt and visit the Valley of the Kings.