Friday, May 13, 2011

Father & Daughter Skulls

It's a Friday in May the perfect time to Flashback to a trilogy of films that were blockbusters in their day and no I don't mean Friday the 13th.

John aka captainmagnificent from Milwaukee, WI sent us these incredible pieces. He said: “I love your blog. You have a great collection of skulls of all types, found, created, everything. It's been a constant source of inspiration for me. I created a set of Star Wars Day of the Dead illustrations a while back, and thought they might fit in here.”

Padawan C says:

I fell in love with this concept and commend you on its execution, it is wonderful. I am hoping that there is a father-son in the works in the future for this series, but it may be best to avoid a certain Gungan if you know what I mean. Thank you for submitting these for us to share and many well wishes to you and your family.

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My Healing Heart said...

Sleepy Hollow!!! The one with Christopher Walken and Johnny Depp. It was the first movie that popped into my skull :-)

Lenore62 said...

ha!ha!ha!Excelent!! i love the skull of Dark Vador!!!! *^_^*