Monday, May 9, 2011

Skull-O-Phone with Skull Birds

Lindsey Bird submitted this skull and birds piece. She explains, " submission is a hand built ceramic sculpture that I fondly call my Skull-o-phone with skullbirds. I've shown this piece in a couple gallery showings under the title "A Little Bird Told Me to Dial 'D' for Death" as this piece is about the death of the rotary phone with the rise of cell phones. The bird motif is also a play on my last name. Fun Fact: the markings on both the "skull-o-phone" and the skullbirds can never ever be reproduced as the birds were fired in a wood kiln relying on temperature fluctuations, where the flame reaches the pieces, and where the ash from the wood burning falls onto the piece. The same goes for the skull as it was fired in a soda kiln which involves adding chemicals to a kiln to produce an orange peel type texture and I had no control where the texture or color would be apparent."

I like the style of the skull and birds. The color variances add an antique feel to the pieces. I've had many rotary phone, growing up. I like the weight of the phone and sound of the rotary turning. I can see a real one being made similar to this one. I like the very old one with the rounded base, tall cylinder for the mouth piece and an ear piece that hung off the side of the cylinder. The kind that might work for a skull one, would be the square base (or in this case, a skull base) with pieces that go up to hold the hand set. If the ear and mouth pieces connected with a tree branch or long bone, and with two birds resting on the handle, the piece would be a beautiful piece, to use for a real conversation.

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Kara said...

Alas I would call poor Yorick and tell him I turned his head into a phone.

trickortreat said...

As a 28-year telephone company employee who now hates talking on ANY phone, very few telephones are attractive to me. But I agree; I do like the old rotary style from the 40's (as seen in old movies in detectives' offices), and the way they feel in the hand. If someone actually made a skull phone, I might have to start enjoying talking on the phone again.

Freeman said...

I would call Alfred Hitchcock... THIS should bring him back to life!