Monday, May 30, 2011

Skeletons for a day

Today's submitters were various skeletons for Halloween, in different years.

Greta Block from Irving, TX explains, " I was the Grim Reaper for Halloween in 1993. I won second prize in a costume contest."

Erica says, "My friend and I both did a Mexican art theme one year for Halloween. I was Frida Kahlo and he made an excellent paper mache skull head. The horns and mouth were even sequined. Last year, I painted my dress and face to be a sugar skull/skeleton. One photo is a progress shot and the other is the finished product."

I always love seeing these type of costumes. While I don't find them scary, skulls and skeletons are a popular fright at Halloween. In our world, we of course deal with them daily. Weather we are frightened by those in skeleton costume or not, is irrelevant. It's very interesting to see each personal interpretation of a skull on their skin or as a mask.

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Stefan said...

Classic costumes!