Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stained Glass Skulls

Stained glass is one of my favorite artforms, and today's skulls are excellent pieces of work. David Kennedy has submitted these great pieces to brighten up our weekend.

The skull and roses are beautiful traditional stained glass works, but I really like the new school "Hip Hop" piece. It really looks 3 dimensional with the darker glass making the letters pop out. Be sure to check out David's site for even more great stained glass works.

Skull Appreciation Day Daily Button Giveaway
To be entered in the drawing just leave a comment below stating: What image you would include with your own stained glass skull. I'd make sure to put a square and compass on mine.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to include a way to contact you (either an e-mail in the post OR make sure your Blogger profile has an e-mail link for you on it).

NOTE: If you're reading this on Facebook, be sure to leave your comment on the original post if you want to be actually entered in the contest


Pugsley said...

Skull and roses work for me. I like skulls, I like the Dead.

Scott Schluter said...

A stained glass Jolly Roger would be the bombdiggity.

Janet said...

I like my skulls with flowers. Lots of them. In purples and yellows.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is good.