Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Skull Quilt Project: 7 finished quilts

Here is a batch of 7 Skull Quilts. They are currently hanging at Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA. I do have more finished quilts. I will post those in a separate post next week. All of these quilts will be auctioned off on Ebay after the show closes on July 8th. The proceeds of these auctions will go to Becky's Fund, a DC based organization that helps victims of domestic violence. We will provide information about the auctions closer to auction time and when they are live. If you have any questions related to The Skull Quilt Project, please email me at Your questions will be answered faster that way.

Artist info is from left to right, top to bottom

Melanie Kutschure
Camel O'Mara
Dolores Goodson of Deeroo Designs
Melanie Kutschure

Melanie Kutschke
Melanie Kutschke
Sarah Bayly of A Rabbit A Day
Melanie Kutschke

Chris Zeliff of Robot-A-Day 
Amy Whitehurst of Snowglobe 365
Katie Wolman
Tara Ramo of Sun-A-Day

Melanie Kutschke
Ann Stelzer
Charlton Yu of Burger 365
Rikki Traina of A Scissor(s) A Day

Sue McGuire
Jamie Rhodes
Tiffany Ann Woods Herskovits

Sarah Harris of Are You Flowin'?
Jennifer Gorman of Art Every Day
Michalee Sloan
Ann Scraggs

Abby Davis of Skull-A-Day
Abby Davis of Skull-A-Day
Mim Scalin of Mail Art 365
Noah Scalin of Skull-A-Day


Tara Raymo said...

Thanks for sharing these! They are all fantastic!

aunt acid said...

they came out so beautiful!

dolores said...

WhooooHOooooo...that's my little lightening bolt skull at the top....awesome!
Can't wait to see the other quilts!

Anonymous said...

yay! happy to see the quilts!

Stephen Sloan said...

The unknown artist is Michalee Sloan.

Abby Davis said...

Thanks Stephen! That is super helpful!