Thursday, June 21, 2007

18. Push Pin Skull

Push pins hammered(!) into heavily flyered pole on Harrison St.


Anonymous said...

Ordinance 33.1-373 prohibits placement of signs on utility poles in the State of Virginia.

"The nails, staples and tacks that are used to hold posters and signs to utility poles can interfere with the work of line mechanics.

Line mechanics often use boot attachments called ‘climbers’ to ascend poles, A climber has a sharp steel gaff, or point, about an inch and a half long at the bottom. With a climber strapped to each leg, the line mechanic actually drives the gaff deep into the wood with each step he or she takes up the pole.

In order to safely support a worker´s entire weight, the gaff must bury itself deeply into the pole. But, when it encounters a hard obstruction, such as a staple, nail or tack, even the most skilled and experienced worker is in danger of falling.

Line work is especially hazardous at night when it is difficult to see pole obstructions. Line mechanics sometimes need to climb poles in the dark to restore power after a service interruption.

Also, the fasteners used for signs and posters have sharp edges that can tear holes in the protective rubber gloves and sleeve covers that line workers wear to protect themselves from electric shock hazards. Even a tiny hole can expose an employee to grave danger.

Whatever the message, it´s not worth endangering the safety of a utility worker."

MidnightFox said...

i don;t know about you, but below the pins, see that little white dot? it looks like a skull ^^