Monday, June 4, 2007

Dia de la Abby

While on vacation in March 2009, I was browsing the art books at a book store, when I came across Noah's Skulls book. I flipped through the pages and was amazed at all the different materials used to make skulls. When I got back home, I found the blog and facebook page. I started following the creations daily and actively commenting. At this point of the project there were submission posts only. In June 2009, Citizen Agent and Tatman started posting weekly skulls that they created. June is also my birth month, for which I celebrated with a huge party. To keep this kid friendly...basically my best friend Kit McSmash gave me the Skulls book that night. Noah Scalin showed up to help me celebrate and also signed the book. I think that was the moment I knew I was meant to be part of the project.

Fast forward to March 2010...After months of getting to know Noah, Citizen Agent and Tatman and participating on the blog by submitting my own skull art, the guys asked me to join the team for the 4.0 year. Citizen Agent came up with the name "Dia de la Abby", because of my obsession with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

During the 4.0 year, I, Abby aka Azurafae made 53 skulls (a skull a week) using a variety of mediums including paper, paint, fabric, accessories, clay and food. I like teaching people how to make things, so there are separate tutorials for 27 of 53 skulls. There are some tutorials included with the Dia de la Abby posts.

During the 5.0 year, I made skulls at least once a month. Some of the skulls will also have tutorial. I have included a link to each coordinating tutorial.

From the 6.0 year and beyond, I will share my skull artwork as I create it.

4.0 YEAR

34. Pop Art Skull w/Tutorial
35. Charcoal Skull w/Tutorial
38. Bleeding Skull w/Tutorial
39. Cog Skull
43. Splatter Void Skull Dress w/Tutorial
48. Jelly Belly Bean Skull w/Tutorial
53. Flower Petal Quilt Square Skull

5.0 YEAR

54. Wooden Skulls
55. Linocut Skull
56. Russian Matryoshka Skull Dolls
57. Skull Buttons
58. Feathered Skull
59. Woven Skull
60. Calavera Skull
61. Anatomical Skull Makeup - Tutorial
62. Skull Nails - Tutorial
63. Skull Papel Picado - Tutorial
64. Pumpkin Skull Cookies w/Tutorial
65. Raven Skull Pumpkin - Tutorial
66. Skeleton Family Portrait
67. Embroidered Skull Ornament - Tutorial
68. Confetti Skull - Tutorial
69. Skull of Seasons
70. Skull Mail - Tutorial
71. Snow Skulls
72. Cut Paper Skull Pendant
73. Fallen Petals Skull
74. Spilled Skull
75. Skull of Triangles

6.0 YEAR

76. Skull Target
77. Spicy Skull
78. Stacked Skulls
79. Tea and Coco Skull
80. Dia de los Muertos Skull Makeup - Tutorial
81. Skull Baby Quilt

7.0 YEAR

82. Papel Picado Pumpkin
83. La Calavera Catrina Makeup - Tutorial
84. Sugar Skulls and Marigolds Sneakers - Tutorial
85. La Calavera Catrina Doll
86. Dia de los Muertos BoxTutorial
87. Scalin Family Portrait

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