Sunday, June 10, 2007

Suggestion Box part 2

The great suggestions continue to flow in via e-mail. Thanks again to everyone for sharing these with me...
  • Kris says, "1. Garden Skull (naturally,with flower petals if possible) 2. Kitchen Skull (bits of food, spices laid out on the counter top?) 3. Bathroom Skull (toilet paper, bit of old soap, sponge, etc) 4. First Aid Kit Skull (sure to be fun with Band Aids!) 5. A month of mono-printed Skull (make a linoleum block and print it 30 different ways one for each day of the month. 6. Chuck Skull (collaged debris) 7. Mim Skull (sewn maps, knitting debris) 8. Facial Hair Skull (with all the varieties: the VanDyke, Soul patch, Mutton Chops, etc) 9. Soil Skull - (have people give/send you soil samples from assorted neighborhoods and make 'paint') 10. Travel / Vacation Skull (cut up photos from your trip to Istanbul - or wherever) 11. Phases of the Moon Skull (the eyes maybe could be in the shape of the waxing/waning)"
  • Christian says, "I was gazing through the aparment and my eyes fell on a pair of electrical outlets. Sockets as eye sockets - eh?"
  • Dave says, "how about the real estate section of the newspaper? Old toilets/fixtures? Sand, leaves other temporal natural/unatural stuff summoning Andrew Goldworthy!"
  • Kathleen says, "spirograph skull"
  • Grá says, "Oh, i also want to see a 3 or 4 panel skull comic strip (dialog? no dialog? same picture in every frame? or two skulls talking to each other?) And a skull made of either lint or felted wool. And take some (#6?) non-recyclable plastic, cut it into various skull shapes and make shrinky-dinks in your oven. And, two words, "wood burner" (otherwise known as pyrography, remember summer camp?) Clear plastic, drilling. Oh, and get a bunch of your hot friends to recreate Dali's skull (or it might be funny with a bunch of not so hot dressed goth types.)"
  • AND more from Grá, "8-bit computer graphics skull, ascii art skull, collage skull, "negative space" skull or optical illusion skull, lego(tm) skull, meta-skull (a skull made of skulls, either by mosaic software or a collection of small images), racquetball skull, pumpkin skull (obviously next
    halloween), a skull made literally of bones (from a taxidermist?, uh...), shadow art skull, 3-D computer generated skull, ice sculpture skull, ..."
Also folks have started sharing their own skull discoveries...

Lindsay sent this image of a happy skull she spotted at a house show the other night.

And Brad sent this bit of skull amusement he found.


mim said...

I have a wood burning tool set you can use!

Anonymous said...

I am still surprised you have not added a skull favicon for this site yet.

Please make your bookmark come alive in my list!

Noah said...

Just for you computer geek c, I've found a way to add the favicon to a blogger hosted site, I hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the favicon!